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Dog Training specializing in Obedience, Protection & Detection Dogs  In Toronto

We are here to show you and train you to keep your dog under control.

Bed Bug Detection K9

Our bed bug detection dogs have undergone thorough training to find the bug population inside your home.

Compound Guard Dogs

Compound Guard Dogs

We provide 24 hour guard services to ensure round the clock safety of your family with trained guard dogs.


Drug Detection Dogs

Highly skilled drug detection dog teams can be a major asset in any successful drug interdiction program.


Obedience Training

We can help train dogs to listen to your commands and follow your instructions. Be it a family pet, a new puppy or a working dog, we have a class for you!


Behavior Modification

If your dog is being challenging or showing unwanted behaviors, we can provide behavioral modification training.


Explosive Detection Dogs

We employ trained & strong explosive detection dogs to locate, deter and eliminate the explosive threats.

#1 Provider of Security Guard Dog Services in Toronto and surroundings.

Repeat Consumer’s Choice award for Dog training in the Toronto regions.

Obedience Classes

Whether you are looking for group classes or 1 on 1 private sessions, we can help!

At Dankroft K9, we know you want what is best for your dog. We offer both group and private training sessions for both obedience and behavior modification. Aggressive dogs, fearful dogs, dog reactive dogs – we can help you work with any behavior.

Drug Detection Dogs

Dankroft K9 provides efficient drug searches with certified dogs. Dogs are certified by American Working Dog Association. Our K9’s are trained to search for the presence of narcotics in all environments. We assess our dogs to maintain a high level of proficiency while detecting drugs.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Our K9’s Locate Hidden Bed Bugs

At Dankroft K9, we provide highly trained dogs to locate the presence of bed bugs inside your premises. With the strong sense of smell that our bug scent detection dogs possess, even the hidden bed bugs can be effectively detected and controlled. We strive to provide accurate detection.

Your Long-Term Satisfaction & Safety

At Dankroft K9, we have a highly qualified K9 response team which is capable of delivering protection dogs services in Toronto. Our staff work with our dogs in various environments to train them for scent detection, explosives, bed bugs, narcotics and many others.

  • Fully Trained Canines
  • Puppy Socialization
  • 24 Hours Compound Guard Dog Services
  • Behavior Modification


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