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Dog Training specializing in Obedience & Behaviour Modification In Toronto

We are here to show you and train you to keep your dog under control.

Fully Trained Canines

Are you looking for professionally trained dogs? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Dankroft K9 is a locally owned dog facility in Toronto offering obedience and behavior modification. We will train your dog to suit your needs.


Obedience Training

We can help train dogs to listen to your commands and follow your instructions. Be it a family pet, a new puppy or a working dog, we have a class for you!


Behavior Modification

If your dog is being challenging or showing unwanted behaviors, we can provide behavioral modification training.

Repeat Consumer’s Choice award for Dog training in the Toronto regions.

Obedience Classes

Whether you are looking for group classes or 1 on 1 private sessions, we can help!

At Dankroft K9, we know you want what is best for your dog. We offer both group and private training sessions for both obedience and behavior modification. Aggressive dogs, fearful dogs, dog reactive dogs – we can help you work with any behavior.

Your Long-Term Satisfaction & Safety

At Dankroft K9, we have a highly qualified K9 response team which is capable of delivering training dogs services in Toronto.

  • Puppy Socialization
  • Behavior Modification


Dankroft K9 Services
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Veronica BVeronica B
21:16 29 Dec 22
I brought my American bully puppy to Dankroft K9 to begin her obedience classes a few months ago. I always looked forward to that one hour a week and remember asking Dan, “ what happens when her obedience training is over?”I didn’t want it to end.Dan is a no nonsense dog trainer and expects handlers to do their part. We had our weekly homework which helped so much with building my puppy’s confidence, therefore making our training sessions much more successful.Dan is full of knowledge and I have learned and continue to learn so much from him.Dan and Nathan always took the time to listen to the goals I had in mind for my pup and they have consistently supported me in reaching those goals.We are starting our second round of training at Dankroft and have become a part of this amazing community of dog handlers.Thank you to the team at Dankroft, and a special thanks goes out to Dan and Nathan for their continuous support and welcoming us to the Dankroft family.Kiara and Vee
Kimia TKimia T
04:41 01 Dec 22
Hands down the best training facility in Toronto.A big thank you to Dan and Carly for helping me train both of my English Staffys.The Dankroft team is super attentive, helpful and very friendlyMy dog was refusing to go on walks and within two sessions and with Dan’s guidance we were able to get her to walk again and be obedient on walks.By the end of the 10 sessions I have seen a major difference in my dog’s behaviour as well as learning many helpful tricks to train my dogs in the future.We did our home work and we saw results. 100% would recommend.
Fay GamlielFay Gamliel
16:34 16 Nov 22
I cannot say enough good things about Dankroft K9! Don't let their rough exterior fool you, these guys want what is BEST for your dog and are willing to go the distance to get it!I came in 10 weeks ago with an incredibly reactive dog. We could not go on walks, let alone see any person around my building without her reacting and looking quite aggressive.After working with Dan, and Nathan, I am able to take my girl on long walks in our neighbourhood! Her people reactivity is completely gone and she can safely walk near another dog on the sidewalk. She understands when I say "No!" and not to react.In terms of obedience, my dog knows exactly what I want from her, when I want it.She enjoys quiet time in her crate now, even when I am home!I had the opportunity to board my dog with Dankroft as well and we had such a positive experience. I received pictures and videos of the trainers and employees working with my dog through walks and obedience training!Would recommend time and time again!
Austin PachecoAustin Pacheco
01:40 14 Sep 22
We had such a great experience training our American Bully puppy. Stella was always so excited for her training sessions and we loved how passionate each trainer was about finding what was best for our dog. They have an excellent team of professionals and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to train their dog. We truly felt we were part of a community, and have learned very valuable things from this experience.
Connie KimConnie Kim
04:05 18 Apr 22
Dan effectively changed the course of our foster dog’s life in 30 seconds by showing us her potential. Our foster pup was mislabeled by another well known Toronto dog trainer as being genetically aggressive and would live a life being muzzled, e-collared with limited freedom due to her reactivity. He painted a very depressing picture for our foster dog who came here as a stray from Costa Rica. It essentially made her very difficult to get adopted.With the support of our rescue agency, we signed up for 5 one on one sessions. Dan doesn’t sugarcoat anything and expects full accountability from you. We did our homework diligently and we saw dramatic improvement with our dog after each session. Our dog began to trust us and we worked together to manage her reactivity outside. It was beautiful to see her personality blossom and she became a much happier, confident and trusting dog.We are so happy that she is available for adoption now and wish her forever parents will continue to build on the foundation Dan has equipped her with.The individual and group classes are all excellent and the entire staff is very friendly. What I appreciated the most from Dan was his ability to teach you dog psychology in a sensible manner. We were able to learn about why our dog was being reactive and in turn, that helped us better understand our dogs needs and the purpose of the homework.I highly recommend Dan if you have doggie and handler training needs. Don’t waste your time on trainers who don’t fully understand dog psychology - in our case, their deficiency to manage our foster lead to use of excessive force, months of stress for everyone and miscategorization of our dog.Thanks Dan and team 🥰
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