About Us

Dankroft K-9 Services is a multi-grained company providing dog obedience and behaviour modification training in Toronto.

Our Motto is in the essence of “Protection”, not only in property value but peace of mind.

Your Local & Qualified Dog Trainers

  • Training all dog breeds
  • Dog discipline training
  • Behavioral modification training
  • Dog training consultation
  • Obedience dog training

Our Experience In The Industry

Our staff has trained thousands of dogs from basic pet obedience to narcotics and bomb detection training. We stay current and up to date with the latest developments in dog training with our highly skilled handler team. We’ll find the ideal compartment guard canine for you by knowing the size, temperament, and training requirements. Our professionals will provide you a reliable defender in life and death situations.

Our Pack Of Trained Dogs

At Dankroft K9, our pack of trained canines is selected by evaluating their character, skills and temperament. For bomb and narcotics retrieval, we select dogs with a high energy and an extreme hunt drive. We use the real drugs and odors to make our dogs identify the suspicious material even from a distance. Throughout the training session, the canines are introduced to various buildings and vehicles.

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