Drug Detection Dogs

Highly skilled drug detection dog teams can be a major asset in any successful drug interdiction program.

At Dankroft K9, we pride ourselves on providing the best dogs available. Our professional trainers deliver the world-class training standards which our clients expect from us.


What Our Narcotics Dogs Do?

Our trained dogs can effectively find anything right from the minor traces to heavy amount of hidden narcotics or narcotic residue. Some illicit drugs our team can detect include:

  • Heroine
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Ecstacy
  • Alcohol

How We Do It?

At Dankroft K9, we always have a wide selection of specially trained drug dogs who go through drug detection training. Whenever our special dog locates the drug, it will signal the find with a passive alert which is usually an unassisted position. When training drug dogs, we never allow them to have a physical contact with the drugs. We aim to build the confidence level in each of our dogs with a positive reward based training.

What Makes Us Unique?

Being your local drug detection dog service provider, we have trained dogs who can retrieve the drugs, wherever they are hided. Our dogs and handlers are trustworthy and reliable in sniffing all major illegal drugs and narcotics. Narcotics dogs at Dankroft K9 are:

  • Trained
  • Experienced
  • Certified
  • Obedient

Our dogs are in business to protect you, your property and provide you with a peace of mind.

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