Compound Guard Dog Services

A guard dog is actually a protection or watch dog who is trained to guard a home, family and belongings against the intruders and suspicious activities. At Dankroft K9, we provide compound guard dog services to home and business owners. The canines we train are effective in protecting your property and valuaeables against theft and vandalism.


Our Trained dogs are dropped off in the evening and picked up in the morning. Our guard dogs work in teams, which means your property will always be protected by two dogs. We are in business to help you protect your business and provide you with a peace of mind.

Areas Of Service

We provide 24 hours service for guard dogs. Our team is expertly trained to handle a wide range of security premises and have experience in guarding:

  • Construction Sites
  • Corporate Sectors
  • Warehouse & Industries
  • Medical Facilities
  • New and used car dealerships
Compound Guard Dogs

Why Choose Us?

We are #1 Provider of Security Guard Dogs in Ontario and Canada Wide.
Our Motto is in the sense of “Protection”, not only in property value but peace of mind.

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